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Decenario Bracelets


Decenario Bracelets

dsc00471-rt.jpgDecenario bracelets are a version of the one decade rosary.  People of all faiths wear these decenarios because they are said to bring good luck. In Spanish custom, decenarios are given away for celebration of births, first communions, and weddings.

The decenarios pulseras have become extremely popular, stylish and trendy accessories! Celebrities like Sara Cabanero, Shakira and others have been spotted wearing decenarios.  See more photos of celebrities wearing them here.

You'll see that celebrities that wear the decenarios often wear a few at a time, and the contrast of colors makes for a very appealing look!

Here is a picture of Sara Cabanero wearing multiple decenarios at once, it looks great!

It's a mini rosary (prayer beads), a one decade with a cross. Also called decenarios pulseras. It's similar to a Bahia Band or Wish bracelet in that those that wear   them believe they will bring them good luck.



The date that decenarios became popular is hard to pinpoint. As mentioned decenarios have religious origins. The one decade rosary bracelet has been popular for hundreds of years and the decenario could be a called a descendant of the rosary.

The decenario has evolved from the traditional rosary The name 'decenario' comes from the Spanish word meaning 'decenar' or ten. The ten knots on the decenario were used by people to help them meditate while saying prayers and reflecting on life. Wearers of the decenario bracelets say they bring them good luck, just like Brazilian Wish Bracelets. In Spanish custom decenarios are given away for celebrations

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